Hello there! My name is Gabriel Peres, I'm a Brazilian filmmaker currently working as a freelancer in Rome, Italy.

I started my career as a sports journalist and later became a press agent at Fluminense Football Club (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil), one of the most famous and traditional teams in Brazil. At Fluminense F.C., I worked on several communication projects, mainly in the video production department, where I headed the FluTV team and developed various projects, such as the #FluTVLive, RĂ¡dio Flu, and Youtube channel. 

During my career, I had the chance to work with several Brazilian famous channels on Youtube, such as Jovem Nerd, Castro Brothers - UTC, Galo Frito, and the comedian Ed Gama. I also started to produce music videos for metal independent bands. 

Now living in Europe, I currently work mainly with advertising and music videos.